Student Profile, School of Engineering Education, & Distinguished Member (October 2016)

A 2016 Tau Beta Pi Record Scholar, Ana María Muñoz Solis (LA E 2017), has been profiled by the University of New Orleans (UNO). Muñoz Solis is a mechanical engineering senior with plans of obtaining a doctorate in biomedical engineering. She was born and raised in Honduras.

She is president of local chapters of the Society of Women Engineers and UNO Ambassadors, and is past vice president of the LA Epsilon Chapter of Tau Beta Pi. According to the news article, a UNO engineering student has won a TBP scholarship in each of the last four years. Muñoz Solis “hopes to use her degree to research and design affordable ways to deliver quality health care to people in need.”


Purdue University, in West Lafayette (IN), has an opening for the head and professor of the School of Engineering Education. A successful candidate must have a Ph.D. or equivalent work experiences in engineering and the skills to grow the engineering education community national and globally. Applications should be submitted online. You can read a description of the position here. Review of applications will begin on November 1, 2016.


Charles Proteus Steinmetz, IL A 1902, was a mathematician, electrical engineer, and professor at Union College (NY). His ground-breaking work made possible the expansion of the electric power industry and enabled engineers to design better electromagnetic apparatus equipment. Steinmetz joined Tau Beta Pi in 1910 as an eminent engineer while teaching at Union College. He served as president of the American Institute of Electrical Engineers (AIEE) from 1901-02.

The “Steinmetz’s formula” defines the approximate heat energy due to magnetic hysteresis released, per cycle per unit area of magnetic material. In addition, the Steinmetz equivalent circuit theory is still widely used for the design and testing of induction motors. Read an article on the life of Steinmetz from the Smithsonian magazine.


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