Jobs, Outstanding Seniors, & Process Engineer Retires (March 2017)

Here is a list of current job opportunities:

1. Chemical & Materials Engineering Department Chair at the University of Alabama in Huntsville
2. Staff Geotechnical Engineer from Engineering Jobs in San Ramon, California
3. City Engineer at the City of Cedar Falls, Iowa
4. Sr. Environmental Engineer with McHale Performance in Knoxville, Tennessee
5. Lead Product Engineer at Cadence Design Systems, Inc. in Shenzhen, China
6. Quality Engineering Analyst – Intern at Hewlett Packard Enterprise in Motion in Houston, Texas
7. Sr. Cyber Defense Systems Engineer with Exelon Corp. in Owings Mills, Maryland
8. Senior Lecturer Petroleum Engineering at the Abu Dhabi Polytechnic in United Arab Emirates


Three engineering students at the University of Mississippi have been named recipients of the 2016-17 Outstanding Senior Leadership Award in the School of Engineering. According to the news article, “each recipient was selected through a competitive nomination process. Nominations are based on the students’ records of academic achievement, leadership, professional development and community service.”

Two of the three awardees are Tau Bates. Holly R. Pitts, MS B 2017, is a civil engineering and general studies major. She also received the Mississippi Engineering Society’s Outstanding Senior award and scholarship. She plans to earn her MBA and a master’s in fine arts to combine her interests in engineering, business, and art. Dustin A. Dykes, MS B 2017, is a mechanical engineering major with a 4.0 GPA. He received the 2016 Association of the U.S. Army scholarship for top cadet in the nation. His plans include attending graduate school to study aerospace engineering and serving as a U.S. Army test pilot.


Joseph D. Honerkamp, MO A ’48, recently celebrated his last day as a chief process engineer at GasTech. He was profiled by the Tulsa World (OK) for his six decades working as an engineer. Honerkamp is now 90 years old and attributes his longevity to “his passion for engineering.”

He earned his bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering from the University of Missouri and served in both the U.S. Navy and Army. Read the article for more biographical details.


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