Outstanding Senior, Tau Beta Pi Day Events, & Award of Excellence (March 2017)

Morgan K. Green, MS A 2017, has been selected by the Mississippi Engineering Society as Mississippi State University’s Outstanding Senior. Green is majoring in mechanical engineering at the Bagley College of Engineering at MSU. She is an office assistant for Armstrong Transportation and a research assistant for MSU’s Center for Advanced Vehicular System (CAVS) where she created stress-strain curves for materials using data from tension tests.

Green plans to pursue graduate degrees with a focus in fluid and thermal sciences. Read the news article for more biographical details.


Tuesday, March 14, is Tau Beta Pi Day!! At least 50 TBP collegiate chapters will be hosting events this month to celebrate the occasion and to spread the word about the Association. Find the full list of alumni and collegiate chapter Pi Day activities here. Below is a list of collegiate chapters with the dates of their respective events.

AL Alpha (Auburn Univ.) – March 21         ALAL Delta (UAH) – March 20       ALLLLLLICA Alpha (Berkeley) – March 14
CA Theta (Cal Long Beach) – March 14       CA Xi (San Diego State) – March 12       CA Psi (UC San Diego) – March 14
CA Upsilon (Sac State) – March 14       LCT Gamma (Univ. of Hartford) – March 14       DC Alpha (Howard) – March 20
FL Alpha (UF) – March 19 ALLLLLLLLLLLLFL Epsilon (FAU) – March 14ALLLLLLLLLLLLGeorgia Alpha (Georgia Tech) – March 12
IL Alpha (UIUC) – March 12 ALLLLLLLLLLLLIL Gamma (Northwestern) – March 11 ALLLLLLLLKS Gamma (K-State) – March 14
KY Alpha (Kentucky) – March 9 ALLLLLLLLMD Beta (Maryland) – March 14 ALLLLLLLLLLLLMI Gamma (Michigan) – March 14
MI Iota (Dearborn) – March 14 ALLLLLLLMI Kappa (West Michigan) – March 14 ALLLLMN Alpha (Minnesota-Twin Cities) – April 15
NY Tau (Binghamton) – March 14 ALLLLLOH Kappa (Akron) – March 14 ALLLLLLLLLLLLPA Mu (Behrend) – March 14
TN Alpha (UT) – March 20 ALLLLLLLLLLLLTX Beta (Texas Tech) – March 3 ALLLLLLLLLLLLTexas Gamma (Rice) – March 9
WV Alpha (WVU) – March 14 ALLLLLLLLWI Alpha (Wisconsin-Madison) – April 1


The Great Falls Tribune (MT) reports that Jourdon A. Gudatis, MT A 2017, has received the Montana State University’s Award of Excellence. Gudatis is studying mechanical engineering, has volunteered in Engineering Space Camp, and coached skiing and swimming.

According to the article, “a student must be of senior standing and have an 3.5 grade point average or higher. In addition, nominees must have an exemplary record in campus and community activities. Students are nominated by the university faculty and staff, and then selected by the dean and campus committees.”


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