Gibbs Brothers Medal, Central Jersey AC, & New JEE Editor

The National Academy of Sciences has announced that Jerome H. Milgram, Ph.D. (MA B ’61), will receive the 2017 Gibbs Brothers Medal “for outstanding contributions in the field of naval architecture and marine engineering.” Dr. Milgram is a professor at MIT and “has made countless contributions to naval architecture in areas such as theoretical hydromechanics, education, yacht design, environmental protection, and the practical arts of ocean systems.”

Read the announcement for more biographical details and information about the recognition. In addition, Milgram’s yacht-design work helped to lead eight America’s Cup design teams to championships. For the 1992 AC campaign, Milgram was the design director and chief computer modeler.


The Central New Jersey Alumni Chapter of Tau Beta Pi was officially installed on April 19 during a ceremony and dinner at the Tokyo Sushi and Hibachi Buffet in Freehold, NJ. Past President and current Executive Councillor J.P. Blackford, DC G ’95, was on hand to lead the installation.

Several images from the event were posted on Facebook by Scott L. Bilker, NJ G ’91, including the one above.


Lisa C. Benson, Ph.D. (VT A ’82), has been named the new editor of the Journal of Engineering Education (JEE) by the American Society for Engineering Education (ASEE). Dr. Benson is a professor at Clemson University. According to the news release, her research interests lie at the intersection of student motivation and their learning experiences.

Michael C. Loui, Ph.D. (CT A ’75), has served as the JEE editor since 2012. Dr. Loui is a professor of engineering education at Purdue University. “JEE has long been the intellectual standard for engineering educators seeking to disseminate their research. I am honored to take on the role of editor, following in the footsteps of pioneers in engineering education like John W. Prados, Ph.D., P.E. (TN A ’54), Jack Lohmann, and Michael Loui,” said Dr. Benson.


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