Eco-sustainability talk, Admit Weekend Organizers, & IEEE VIC Summit Keynote

On Monday, May 1, the California Theta Chapter of Tau Beta Pi, at the California State University, Long Beach, is hosting a talk by Tony Pereira, Ph.D. (CA Q ’02), on Eco-sustainability. Dr. Pereira’s talk concludes a series of professional development speaking events hosted by the chapter.

According to the Speaker Series web page, Dr. Pereira is a professor of engineering, applied science and sustainability at UCLA. His research interests include sustainability, multi-functional composites, nano-composites, and energy conversion, among many others, studied mechanical engineering in his undergraduate and postgraduate education.


Stanford University hosts an annual Admit Weekend. The California Gamma Chapter of Tau Beta Pi is the primary organizer of the event, in collaboration with the Office of the Dean for Student Affairs. Read more about the Friday, April 28, event here.

Responsibilities of CA Gamma include recruiting volunteers, preparing handouts for prospective freshmen, designing the layout of the space, and cleaning up after the event.


The 1st annual IEEE Vision, Innovation, and Challenges Summit & Honor Ceremony Gala will take place on May 25 at the Palace Hotel in San Francisco, CA. James D. Plummer, Ph.D. (CA E ’66), is scheduled as a keynote speaker at the event. Dr. Plummer is a professor of electrical engineering at Stanford University, where he served (1999-2014) as dean of the School of Engineering. His 15-year tenure is the longest of any Stanford Engineering Dean.

Read more about the IEEE VICS Summit which aims to “bring together leading innovators, visionaries, and disruptors in technology to discuss, explore, and uncover what is imminent, what is possible – and what these emerging technologies mean for the future.”


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