TBP Executive Council Slate, ASEE President, & HQ Team (June 2017)

Four Tau Bates were nominated to serve on the Association’s Executive Council. Three of the four will be elected by the 2017 Convention to serve a term from 2018-20. The Executive Council is Tau Beta Pi’s board of directors and consists of eight (nine starting in 2018) members who are alumni and serve a three-year term.

Click here for short bios of each of the eligible candidates.


Bevlee A. Watford, Ph.D. (VA B ’81), will become president of the American Society for Engineering Education (ASEE) at the society’s annual conference in Columbus, OH, on June 28. Dr. Watford is the associate dean for academic affairs and professor of engineering education at Virginia Tech.

She was elected as a Fellow of ASEE in 2010, recently served as First VP, and chaired the Diversity Task Force that resulted in the creation of the ASEE Diversity Strategic Plan. Read the press release for more information.


Get to know the Headquarters team of Tau Beta Pi! The 14 employees have been broken into smaller groups to focus on different key areas. Find these updates, individual bios, and images of each staff member on the Association’s website.


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