Refinery Manager, Executive Director in CA, & Charles Bachman (July 2017)

The Times of Northwest Indiana profiled Don W. Porter, MI G ’85, as he is the BP Whiting Refinery manager. The Refinery in Indiana and Illinois is the largest in the Midwest and BP’s largest. According to the article, “it supplies gas to seven states and produces nearly five percent of the nation’s asphalt.”

Porter began as a chemical engineer with BP and has held many different positions. Most recently he worked in Texas City, TX, “helping the former BP refinery there recover after a massive explosion in 2005.” Porter says in the article that, “From a professional standpoint, I have always wanted to be in a role of influence where I could make things better, from whatever aspect was needed.”


Tau Beta Pi Executive Director Curt Gomulinski, MI E ’01, is on a West Coast trip to meet with the Association’s president and vice president. In addition, he has been visiting local collegiate campuses and participating in alumni events. See the two images below from his trip.

Curt and CA Eta
Curt in San Jose, CA, at San Jose State University.
Curt at CA Phi
Curt in Stockton,CA, at the University of the Pacific.


Charles W. Bachman III, MI A ’48, passed away on July 13, 2017, at the age of 92. A software engineer, Bachman, worked at General Electric and created the Integrated Data Store, or IDS. “It is widely considered the world’s first database management system.” For his work, he received the 1973 A.M. Turing Award given by the Association of Computing Machinery.

Read the obituary from The Washington Post for more biographical information on Bachman, who was also awarded the National Medal of Technology and Innovation in 2012. He earned his bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from Michigan State University.


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