NDSEG Fellow, TBP C&B, & Alpha Lambda Delta Fellows (July 2017)

Penn State University (PSU) has profiled Belen Veras-Alba, PA B ’15, for receiving a 2017 National Defense Science and Engineering (NDSEG) Fellowship. She is a doctoral student in the PSU department of aerospace engineering. Her research “involved using computational fluid dynamics to model the interaction between low-pressure compression fans and jet engine casings where ice has been experimentally determined to accrete.”

Veras-Alba earned her bachelor’s in aerospace engineering from PSU and will have her graduate tuition covered for four years. Read the news article for more biographical information and details on NDSEG Fellowships.


The Constitution & Bylaws (C&B) of Tau Beta Pi outlines the governance and organization of the Association. Recently, TBP Executive Director Curtis Gomulinski, MI E ’01, and TBP Executive Councillor J.P. Blackford, DC G ’95, have been working on a general revision of the C&B. This process was initiated by the 2013 Convention, which recommended that a general revision to the C&B be completed. The scope of the revisions is to only restructure the documents and not to make substantive changes unless necessary to complete the restructuring.

At the 2016 TBP Convention, a draft was proposed and reviewed by the C&B committee and comments provided. The C&B documents have been updated and will be presented at this year’s Convention for approval. We are interested in receiving input from any interested members. You can read about the changes to the C&B and ask questions here. All input must be provided by Friday, August 4. Thank you!


Alpha Lambda Delta National Honor Society for First-Year students has announced the 2017-18 graduate fellowship recipients. A total of 26 fellowships were awarded and two fellows from this year’s class are also Tau Beta Pi members.
They are: (Read the press release.)

Jenny M. Carmichael – (OK A ’16) chemical & materials science engineering graduate from the University of Oklahoma and past corresponding secretary OK Alpha Chapter
David T. Kane – (IN Z ’17) mechanical engineering graduate from IUPUI and a technical project engineer intern at Rolls-Royce


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