Univ. of Portland Hire, Alumni Events, & Dean Davis to Retire

Kathleen Bieryla, Ph.D. (PA L ’04), was profiled as a recent hire at the University of Portland as an assistant professor of mechanical and biomedical engineering. Previously, Dr. Bieryla was a faculty member at Bucknell University (PA). She made a trip last year to Chile to teach engineering courses to college students.

Her bachelor’s degree in bioengineering is from the University of Pittsburgh, and she has master’s and doctorate degrees in mechanical engineering from Virginia Tech. Read more here.


Check out the upcoming alumni gatherings of Tau Beta Pi members scheduled to take place in this month. You can find the calendar with a list of all events here. A reminder that these events are open to all Tau Bate (alumni and student) from any chapter, unless otherwise stated. Find details below on upcoming events. Click here for a list of contacts for all 42 active TBP Alumni Chapters.

Wauwatosa, Wisconsin – Tuesday, September 19 (social)
New York City, New York – Tuesday, September 26 (free workshop)
Allendale, Michigan – Wednesday, September 27 (GVSU lecture series)
New Orleans, Louisiana – Friday, September 29 (technical social tour)
Tampa Bay, Florida – Saturday, September 30 (game night)
Sapulpa, Oklahoma – Tuesday, October 3 (meeting/ BBQ)


This week, Wayne T. Davis, Ph.D. (TN A ’73), announced his intent to retire as dean of the University of Tennessee’s College of Engineering. Dr. Davis has served in faculty and administrative roles at UT for 43 years and plans to retire early in the summer of 2018. He has served as dean since 2009.

According to the news article, Dean Davis was “named University Macebearer in 2003, UT’s highest faculty honor. He has been recognized for his service and accomplishments by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Department of Energy, Department of Transportation, the National Science Foundation, ORNL, and the American Society for Engineering Education.”


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