Forbes 30 Under 30, Maryland Beta, & ISU Outstanding Seniors (December 2017)

Forbes has announced the 2018 Class of 30 Under 30. The honor goes to “young change-makers and innovators in the U.S.” Only 30 individuals are selected in each of 20 industries. The following are Tau Bates: (Read the article for more information.)

1. Liam Berryman (CA A 2018) – Co-Founder & CEO at Nelumbo
2. Karim S. Khalil (NC G 2012) – Co-Founder at Infinite Cooling

Manufacturing & Industry:
1. Aaron M. Birt, Ph.D., (PA E 2012) – Co-Founder & CEO of Kinetic Batteries
2. David F. Pain (CA S 2011) – Co-Founder & CTO of Fabric8Labs
3. Rustom F. Jehangir (CA D 2011) – Founder & Engineer at Blue Robotics Inc
4. Michael S. Tomovich (PA G 2011) – Co-Founder at Kuvée
5. You Wu (IN A 2011) – Founder of Pipeguard Robotics

1. Omar Abudayyeh (MA B 2012) – Broad Institute of MIT & Harvard
2. Jonathan S. Gootenberg (MA B 2013) – Broad Institute of MIT & Harvard
3. Eric S. Pahl (IA B 2015) – Co-Founder at HealthTech Solutions
4. Andrew D. Warren, Ph.D. (MD A 2011) – Founding Scientist of Glympse Bio

1. Ritchie Chen, Ph.D. (CA A 2010) – MIT Postdoctoral Fellow
2. Karthish Manthiram, Ph.D. (CA G 2010) – MIT Assistant Professor, TBP Fellow
3. Ritu Raman, Ph.D. (NY D 2012) – MIT Postdoctoral Fellow


On December 9, the Maryland Beta Chapter of Tau Beta Pi at the University of Maryland hosted its fall initiation. More than 30 new members were installed by the chapter. See an image of the new members below. Follow the MD Beta Chapter on their Facebook page.


Iowa State University has announced twelve outstanding seniors from the College of Engineering. At least four are Tau Beta Pi members; see the list below and read the news article for more information.

Andrew Primmer (IA A 2017) – agricultural engineering major
Lauren E. Jorgenson (IA A 2017) – biological systems engineering major
Anna R. Sacchetti (IA A 2017) – chemical engineering major
Bryce C. Thoeny (IA A 2017) – materials engineering major


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