UTEP Space Initiatives, Instagram, & Field Service Imaging Engineer Level 3

KRWG is a tv and radio station in Las Cruces, New Mexico. The news department recently published a video segment on research work being done at the University of Texas at El Paso (UTEP) to make future space travel safer. Using pieces of debris from the Space Shuttle Columbia, which broke apart on re-entry in 2003, members of the UTEP Space Initiatives are using “forensic engineering” to identify the greatest potential risks to successful missions.

Two grad students were interviewed for the story, both of whom are Tau Bates. Jacqueline A. Reyes, TX Q 2017, graduated from UTEP with a bachelor’s degree in metallurgical & materials engineering and is now pursuing her Ph.D. and working at the Center for the Advancement of Space Safety and Mission Assurance Research (CASSMAR). She also serves as TBP Texas Theta Chapter president. Arlene C. Smith, TX Q 2017, is also working at CASSMAR and pursuing her doctorate.


Tau Beta Pi The Engineering Honor Society is on Instagram! We want you to share your images with us and we’ll promote them within our community. Find us by searching for “thetaubetapi” or here. We are excited to share image that we find, such as the one below from the Virginia Gamma Chapter at Old Dominion University (odu_taubetapi).


Sodexo Healthcare seeks an FSE’s to support customer care in the Charleston, West Virginia, area. Click here to read more about the company, the position, and the requirements.


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