UPenn Commencement Speakers, Clemson Distinguished Service Award, & ISU Outstanding Seniors (April 2019)

The University of Pennsylvania has announced the scheduled speakers for the 2018 Engineering Commencement May 10-12. Both speakers for the undergraduate ceremony are Tau Bates. UPenn Professor of Practice Vanessa Z. Chan, Ph.D., (PA D ’94), will speak. She is an entrepreneur, Angel Investor, educator, and working mom. She previously spent 13 years as a partner at McKinsey & Company co-leading the innovation practice.

Nicholas S. Stiansen, PA D 2018, is a graduating bioengineering major. He will also receive a master’s in mechanical engineering and applied mechanics this summer. His future plans include attending Imperial College London in the fall, working on an MRes in medical device design and entrepreneurship, as a Thouron Scholar. Read the news announcement for more information.


Anthony L. Mathis, SC A ’86, has been selected by the Clemson Alumni Association to receive the 2018 Distinguished Service Award, the association’s highest honor. Currently, Tony Mathis is president and CEO, Military Systems at GE Aviation. He is an alumnus of Clemson, graduating with a degree in mechanical engineering.

According to the news story, he spent time in the U.S. Air Force as a second lieutenant with a focus on on flight test and propulsion project engineering. He was cited for “incredible success in his career and a devotion to community service.”


Twelve outstanding seniors have been chosen and profiled by the Iowas State University College of Engineering. Five of the spring 2018 honorees are Tau Beta Pi members, including:

George P. Alphonse (IA A 2018) – electrical engineering major and intern at Magnetics Research Group, Texas Instruments, & John Deere.

Kaesey C. Glaess (IA A 2018) – agricultural engineering major and studied at Wageningen Univ. (Netherlands) in animal and dairy science program.

Natalie A. Hanson (IA A 2018) – biological systems engineering major and will work at Cargill, Inc., after graduation.

Akash Mitra (IA A 2018) – chemical engineering major and will attend Northwestern University Medical School.

Ashley K. Swift (IA A 2018) – industrial and manufacturing systems engineering major and TBP IA Alpha Scholar.


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