Missouri S&T Academy, VCU Initiation, & NSF Fellow (April 2018)

A new class of inductees into the Missouri S&T Academy of Electrical and Computer Engineering has been announced. New members were recognized for their service and leadership to the field. Click here for the news article and more information.

Clay E. Melugin, MO B ’84, is among the new members. He is CEO and co-founder of Water Pigeon. In 1998, he earned the Emerson Outstanding Contribution Award and he has received volunteer awards for his work with the Del Mar Unified School District as a math and science coach and for his work with San Diego County Science Field Day.


On April 21, the Virginia Epsilon Chapter at the Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) held its spring initiation. A total of 11 new members joined the Association, including 10 undergrads and one alumnus. Below is an image of the new initiates posted to the VA Epsilon Chapter’s Facebook page.


North Carolina State University announced that two of its engineering undergraduates have received offers from the National Science Foundation’s Graduate Research Fellowship Program. Read the announcement.

Nicholas W. Mazzoleni, NC A 2018, is one of the NSF fellow recipients. He is majoring in mechanical engineering, has received multiple research grants to perform work in the field of aeroelastic energy harvesting, and plans to pursue a Ph.D. at NC State.


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