Distinguished Speaker, EC Council at GW, & UP Senior Honors (May 2018)

Jill S. Tietjen, P.E. (VA A ’76), is president and CEO of Technically Speaking, Inc., an electrical engineer, and a top historian in the country on scientific and technical women.

Tietjen has agreed to present two professional development sessions at Tau Beta Pi’s 113th annual Convention this year in Denver, Colorado. Her topic is “Navigating Your Career” and she will discuss her seven steps to personal and leadership success and life lessons she has learned during her 40+ year career in the electric utility industry. Watch her video


The Executive Council of Tau Beta Pi met for a spring meeting on April 28 at George Washington University. The group also took time to visit The United States Naval Academy campus in Annapolis, Maryland. The president and vice president of the Maryland Gamma Chapter, at the Naval Academy, William Gomperts and Ace Padilla, respectively, showed the Council around the campus.

The image above was taken at the GW campus.


The University of Portland recently hosted Founder’s Day to honor seniors in the weeks before their graduation. Several Tau Bates were recognized, including: (See the full list.)

Christopher A. Hampel (OR G 2018) – School of Engineering valedictorian & TBP Chapter president

Trenton J. Langer (OR G 2018) – Dean’s Award & electrical engineering major

Cici Suehiro (OR G 2018) – Civil Engineering Outstanding Student Award & 2017 TBP Scholar


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