Wyoming Eminent Engineer 2018, JHU Engineer Team, & TBP Spring Update Videos

The 2018 Wyoming Eminent Engineer has been awarded to Jay A. Puckett, Ph.D. (MO A ’78), the director of the Durham School of Architectural Engineering & Construction at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. According to the announcement, the award honors someone who has provided significant service to the College of Engineering or the State of Wyoming in the field of engineering.

A student panel of 8-10 Tau Beta Pi members selects the recipient of this prestigious award. Dr. Puckett was a long-term educator, researcher, and administrator in the dept. of civil & architectural engineering at the University of Wyoming.


The HUB at Johns Hopkins University profiled a team of student engineers working on developing a face cream with a “fresh approach to fighting acne.” The three undergraduates have designed the new cream “No Inhibitions” that does not try to kill P.acnes, but instead tries to regulate its growth.

All three are chemical and biomolecular engineering majors, including Ariana Sherman, MD A 2018. Read the full article for more information on what sets this project apart from others and the potential patent applications for their product.


Click here to visit the Tau Beta Pi YouTube channel with several newly uploaded videos from our collegiate chapters with highlights from their spring semester.

The video above was submitted by the New York Gamma Chapter at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. Other participating chapters include: CA Alpha, CA Epsilon, IL Alpha, MI Beta, OH Alpha, PA Beta, PA Gamma, PA Zeta, TN Alpha, & TX Delta.


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