TBP Professional Development, USF Engineering Honors, & Traffic Engineer Opening (Mary 2018)

At this year’s Tau Beta Pi Convention in Denver, CO, the Association will offer 35+ professional development sessions for attendees and members in the greater Denver area. This is the largest professional development session offering at a TBP Convention to date.

You can read about the presenters and their sessions here. A tentative schedule will be published soon, but all sessions will take place Thursday and Friday (October 11-12) at the Denver Marriott Tech Center hotel. Please make plans to attend this Convention that will also feature a recruiting fair, comedian Don McMillan (PA A ’81), and other guest speakers and engaging activities.


The University of South Florida College of Engineering recently announced the 2018 Engineering Honors awards. Two Tau Bates were recognized, including:

Sandra L. Pettit, Ph.D., P.E. (FL G ’94) – Distinguished Alumni award, USF engineering faculty, & watch her honoree video

Dolores Gooding (FL G ’74) – Distinguished Alumni award, USF retired faculty, & director of engineering management program


The County of Napa (California) is looking to fill a full-time vacancy for a senior engineer in the traffic engineering/ transportation division of the public works department. Read the job posting on TBP’s job board for duties, qualifications, and details on how to apply.


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