Adhesive Cell Phone Wallet, Brain Ticklers, & Fellow Profile (July 2018)

Tau Beta Pi has a new item for purchase on the store. It is an adhesive cell phone wallet available in blue. It is easy-to-use, peel off the cover and apply to the back of your phone for a convenient way to carry your necessities wherever you go!

Phone Wallet

It bears the Tau Beta Pi logo, this silicone wallet is made to handle up to two of your cards at a time. Click here to see discounts on bulk purchases.


One of the most popular features of TBP’s quarterly The Bent magazine is the Brain Ticklers. Each issue provides a summary of the previous problems and the answers. Then there are a new set of problems to solve. Check the website for Brain Ticklers from previous issues.

You can submit your answers to any or all of the Brain Ticklers by postal mail to Curt Gomulinski, Tau Beta Pi, P.O. Box 2697, Knoxville, TN 37901-2697 or email to as plain text only. The method of solution is not necessary, and the Double Bonus is not graded. We welcome any interesting problems that might be suitable for the column.


Isaac A. Mastalski, PA L 2018, was recently profiled by The Indiana Gazette as he graduated from the University of Pittsburgh with a bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering and minors in chemistry and music. Mastalski will next attend the University of Minnesota in pursuit of a Ph.D. in chemical engineering.

According to the article, he was awarded a full scholarship with stipend for his graduate studies. Mastalski is a 2017 TBP Scholar and was recently named a 2018-19 TBP Fellow. In addition to research on a highly sustainable catalytic pathway, Mastalski also served as PA Lambda Chapter vice president.


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