TBP McDonald Mentor, Super Antenna, & Plant Engineer Position (Aug. 2018)

James C. Hill, Ph.D., (CA G ’62), has been selected as the 2018 Tau Beta Pi McDonald Mentor. Dr. Hill is Iowa State University Professor Emeritus. He has served as an Association District 11 Director since 1995 and as an advisor to the IA Alpha collegiate chapter for nearly 40 years.

Dr. Hill (left) receives American Solar Challenge Lifetime Achievement Award (2016).

He will be recognized at the annual Tau Beta Pi Convention on October 12, in Denver. Click here to read the press release for more information.


A recent article from KSL (UT) profiles two engineering professors from Brigham Young University (BYU) tasked with building “a super antenna for the giant telescope dish featured in the 1995 James Bond film Golden Eye.”

Brian D. Jeffs, Ph.D. (UT B ’78), and Karl F. Warnick, Ph.D. (UT B ’93), received a grant from the National Science Foundation to continue their decade long work on the 1,000-foot diameter Arecibo Observatory radio telescope. According to the article, the new antenna will increase the telescope’s capabilities five times over.


Minnkota Power Cooperative is seeking candidates for a plant engineer at the Milton R. Young Station near Center, North Dakota. Requirements for the position include a degree in mechanical engineering and experience in a power plant and with rotating equipment.

Read the job posting for more details and on how to apply.


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