Nobel Prize in Chemistry, Binghamton AVANGRID Scholars, & Penn State Ag Professorship (Oct. 2018)

The 2018 Nobel Prize in Chemistry was awarded to Frances H. Arnold, Ph.D. (NJ D ’79), and the other half jointly to two others. Dr. Arnold was recognized for “work harnessing the power of evolution to develop new proteins used in drugs and medical treatments.”

She is a Professor and Director of the Bioengineering Center at California Institute of Technology and was recognized for performing the first-ever “directed evolution” of enzymes — proteins that catalyze chemical reactions — to see if they could be tailored to work differently. Click here for more details.


Binghamton University has announced that four of this year’s ten AVANGRID’s Scholarships for Master’s Studies in the United States are Binghamton students. Read the news story for information on the scholarship. Two of the scholars are also Tau Bates:

David W. Bremer (NY T 2018) – graduated with a degree in mechanical engineering, member of the Hyperloop team, and will complete his master’s degree in 2019.

Kasey J. Hill (NY T 2018) – completed her degree in industrial & systems engineering, interned with Walmart in logistics, and is pursuing her MBA.


Penn State University trustee Keith E. Masser, PA B ’73, and his wife Helen recently signed documents to create a professorship in the College of Agricultural Science and a scholarship in the College of Medicine.

According to the announcement, Masser is a Penn State alumnus with a bachelor’s degree in agricultural engineering. Mr. Masser is chairman and CEO of Sterman Masser Inc., a company that grows and distributes potatoes for retail and food service.


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