NY Nu at Buffalo, Rhodes Scholars, & Carnegie Mellon Provost (Nov. 2018)

The New York Nu Chapter of Tau Beta Pi, the University at Buffalo, held their fall initiation on November 16. District 2 Director Tom A. Pinkham, MA E ’88, posted an image of the new members to the D2 Facebook page.

NY Nu with 28 new members and 4 faculty members in attendance.


The 2019 Rhodes Scholars have been announced. There are 32 American winners this year. Two of this year’s Scholars are Tau Beta Pi members: (Read the press release.)

Alaleh Azhir, MD A 2019, is triple majoring at Johns Hopkins University in biomedical engineering, computer science, & applied mathematics and statistics. Alaleh will do the M.Sc. in women’s and reproductive health at Oxford. She is a Goldwater Scholar, mentors middle school students, and edits a philosophy journal.

Sarah Tress, MA B 2019, studies mechanical engineering at MIT. She will pursue a M.Phil in development studies at Oxford. Sarah works at the intersection of engineering and development and created Loop, a cost-effective inflatable wheelchair seat cushion, to help wheelchair users in developing countries with pressure sores.


James H. Garrett Jr., Ph.D., P.E. (PA G ’82), has been named the next Provost at Carnegie Mellon University (CMU), where he currently serves as the dean of engineering. Dr. Garrett will begin his new position on January 1, 2019.

He is a three-time alumnus of CMU with his bachelor’s degree in civil engineering. According to the announcement, he has more than three decades of experience in academia, joined CMU in 1990, and has a record of support for cross-cutting research and educational collaborations.


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