TBP Award Nominations, Univ. of Washington Dean’s Position, & Solar Telescope Project (March 2019)

The deadline to submit nominations for the annual Tau Beta Pi awards is April 1, 2019. Learn more about each award below:

Distinguished Alumnus: recognize alumni who have continued to live up to the ideals of Tau Beta Pi.
Laureate: recognize student members who outstandingly exemplify the “spirit of liberal culture in engineering colleges.” Award categories include arts, athletics, diverse achievements, and service.
McDonald Mentor: celebrate excellence among TBP educators and engineers who have consistently supported the personal and professional development of their students and colleagues as excellent mentors or advisors.
Outstanding Advisor: recognize superior performance among TBP chapter Advisors.

In addition, TBP awards more than 200 scholarships each year. The application deadline is also April 1, 2019.

2018 Laureate and McDonald Mentor.


The University of Washington “seeks a dean to lead it to greater levels of academic excellence and recognition.” Read the job listing from The Chronicle of Higher Education for more details on the College of Engineering, which has doubled in (student body) size over the past ten years.

Application review will begin immediately and for full consideration materials should be submitted no later than April 5, 2019.


David G. Voelz, Ph.D. (NM A ’81), is serving as Instrument PI on a NASA-funded project to discover the origins of the Sun’s planetary system.

Dr. Voelz is an electrical engineering professor at New Mexico State University and is retrofitting an instrument developed in France to detect and capture the data found with the Dunn Solar Telescope. The project was recently profiled on the NMSU news center.


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