Wisconsin Alpha Pi Mile Run, Tau Bate Research Dinner, & Univ. of Illinois Engineering Gift (April 2019)

The Wisconsin Alpha Chapter of Tau Beta Pi, at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, hosted its 20th annual Pi Mile Run on Sunday, April 14. The annual 5K and 10K races raise money for the Occupaws Guide Dog Association.

Participants enjoyed the cool weather, pie, and hanging out with the guide dogs after the race. The event raises around $4,000 annually. Visit the WI Alpha Chapter’s Facebook page for more images.


Paul Millett, Ph.D. (AR A ’03), will discuss his research related to computational materials and computational design at a research dinner on Thursday, April 16. Dr. Millett is an assistant professor at the University of Arkansas, where he earned his Ph.D. in civil engineering.

The dinner event is hosted by the Arkansas Alpha Chapter of Tau Beta Pi. All students are invited to attend as the event is free to those currently enrolled. Click here for more information.


The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign has announced that its College of Engineering will become The Grainger College of Engineering in recognition of a $100 million gift from The Grainger Foundation.

According to the announcement, the total support ($300 million) represents the largest amount given to a public university to name a college of engineering.


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