Yale Bent Monument, Academic Hall of Fame, & Failed Levees Research (April 2019)

The Yale School of Engineering and Applied Science’s Twitter account posted images of a new Bent monument on campus. See image below.


John G. Mohr, OH G ’63, will be inducted into the Paulding High School (OH) Academic Hall of Fame in May. He and two other inductees were profiled by the Paulding Progress publication.

Mohr went on to earn a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering from Ohio State University. He then worked at Magnavox and was in charge of the technical design team that developed the MXF-420 Multi-band, Multimode SATCOM radio. John was awarded two patents during his career and retired in 2010 after 47 years of employment with Raytheon (acquired Magnavox).


A collaboration of researchers working on a project to develop a portable, nondestructive device that uses electricity to survey levees for internal holes, channels, and erosion was profiled by Iowa State University. One of the researchers is Michelle L. Bernhardt-Barry, Ph.D. (TX D ’08), an assistant professor of engineering at the University of Arkansas.

Click here to read the article for more details on the electrical surveys that can identify where repairs are needed. A paper describing the technology and field tests of the device has been accepted by the International Journal of Geoengineering Case Histories.


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