UNCC Grad, Retiring Academic Leader, & Lead Test Engineer (May 2019)

Estevan E. Torres Jr., NC D 2019, is graduating with a degree in systems engineering from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. His concentration is in engineering management with a minor in mathematics. Below is an image (left) he posted to his Instagram. Congratulations Estevan!


The above image (right) is from Paul Schnitzler’s, Ph.D. (FL G ’57), retirement announcement. There was a faculty and staff celebration for Dr. Schnitzler recognizing his career as an engineering management instructor at the University of South Florida.

According to the Twitter announcement, Dr. Schnitzler spent 14 years teaching and serving as the FL Gamma Chapter Chief Advisor. Before joining USF in 2005, he spent his career in industry at Bell Laboratories and RCA Corp. One of his cited achievements “led to the ubiquitous use of fiber optics for undersea communications.” Thank you Dr. Schnitzler for your commitment and service to the Association and its members.


Click here to see a job listing for a Spaceship Propulsion Lead Test Engineer with The Spaceship Company in Mojave, California. The main role of this position will be to: “lead the establishment of requirements and documentation for tests in support of the SS2 Hybrid Propulsion System.”


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  1. Estevan Torres says:

    Thank you so much Tau Beta Pi! I start my job at Bank of America on June 17th and I’m so excited to apply my engineering and leadership skills I’ve learned in undergrad in the Financial Space

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