Rice Univ. Bent, Student Research, & Chairman’s Award (June 2019)

An informative look at the history of Tau Beta Pi and its Bent monument on the campus of Rice University. Read the blog from Rice History Corner (gleanings from the Rice University Archives). The image below (left) shows a group of initiates from the spring of 1949 with a cloth bent. The actual Bent monument was erected in 1968 (image right).


The University of Oklahoma profiled Cortland H. Johns, OK A 2020, a junior majoring in mechanical engineering. She is a member of the biomechanics and biomaterials design lab. Her research is focused on the heart valve biaxial testing project, specifically assisting the data driven testing project.

She is a certified pharmacy technician with plans to attend medical school and pursue a career in surgery. Click here to see the student research spotlight and watch a video interview.


Rob P. Silverman, MD A 91, was presented with the Chairman’s Award for completing his third year as chairman of the Healthcare Group for Executive Mosaic’s 4×24 program. Silverman is senior vice president of Booz Allen Hamilton.

According to the announcement, he is “a leader of the company’s civil and commercial health business, and supports the social science and data analytics needs of clients.” Silverman earned his bachelor’s degree in Mathematical Sciences from Johns Hopkins University.


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