“Pi” Day Time, Sound Waves, & Alumni News & Events

From Moon Pies to Pies-in-the-Face

In the final weeks leading up to Tau Beta Pi Day 2020, there are Pi Day activities all over the country! At the beginning of the semester, the Oklahoma Gamma chapter gave out Moon Pies to prospective members as a way to introduce students to the Tau Beta Pi organization.

There are several alumni chapters teaming up with collegiate chapters to promote Tau Beta Pi Day in upcoming events, too.

Senior Project on Sound Waves Lands in Spy Academy at San Antonio DoSeum

Argali Moctezuma, Texas Mu ’19, and her classmates not only completed senior design projects, but they were also the inaugural projects of the UTSA EPICS program, part of a spring 2019 collaboration with The DoSeum. Her project is housed in The DoSeum’s Semmes Foundation Spy Academy. The DoSeum is a STEM-focused children’s museum that introduces children of all ages to STEM-related activities through play and discovery.

Moctezuma’s project, Tuned In, challenges children to decode a sample wave form by varying the frequency, amplitude and phase of an oscilloscope-type wave form tracing. Students adjust the oscilloscope tracing to match the test pattern to the target, while completing challenges to become a master spy. It will be installed at the children’s interactive museum in San Antonio in 2020.

The new graduate, Moctezuma, recently began working at Freese and Nichols, a San Antonio consulting firm that offers services in engineering, architecture, environmental science, planning, construction science and program management.


Baton Rouge Alumni Gather

Baton Rouge alumni lunch at Drusilla Seafood Restaurant on February 8, 2020.

Visit the TBP Alumni landing page for details on upcoming events (Kansas, Mississippi, South Dakota, Tennessee,  etc.). You can also find contact information for the 46 active alumni chapters here.

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