Tau Beta Pi’s Newest Chapter Installed

Georgia Southern University – Georgia Gamma

On October 9, 2021, we introduced a new chapter into the Tau Beta Pi active collegiate chapter family. Tau Beta Pi Councillor Michael L. Peterson, IA A ’89, was the official installing deputy, assisted by Executive Director Curtis D. Gomulinski, MI E ’01, and District 5 Director Josuan Hilerio Sanchez, PR A ’07. The initiation team included alumni Samuel B. Dodd, SC A ’22; Kimberly A. Romstad, MI Q ’14; and Salman A. Siddiqui, Ph.D., FL H ’10, and the three previously listed association officials.

Following the formal initiation, the members were constituted a new chapter in the ceremony of installation conducted by Councillor Peterson. The charter members comprise 17 new members, including 16 undergraduate students and 1 eminent engineer.

GA Gamma Charter Presentation (left to right)
Chief Advisor David M. Calamas, President Frank A. Martin,
Executive Councillor Michael L. Peterson, and Executive Director Curtis D. Gomulinski.

The Georgia Gamma Initiates:

Manuel R. Abadie, David M. Calamas (eminent engineer), Brendan J. D. Carroll, Noah E.C. Dyer, Matthew E. Hyle, Ashlyn B. Jackson,  Lindsey Jobba-Dowling, Michael W. Jones, Frank A. Martin, Amelia L. McNamee, Robert R. Moore, Rhashaan M. Omar, Uriel M. Morales Ortiz, Lily Harris. C. Parker, Aidan P. Rowell, Khody R. Sellers, and Kayla R. Tidwell.

Georgia Southern University is dedicated to excellence in teaching and develops a learning environment that goes beyond the classroom. Tau Beta Pi’s presence on this campus will surely contribute to that environment and inspire further academic achievement at The Allen E. Paulson College of Engineering and Computing. We are delighted to welcome these new members, as they have just become Tau Bates for life!

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