2022 Rhodes Scholars Includes Tau Bate

Coleman L. Warren, AR A ’22, a senior at the University of Arkansas, has been recognized as a 2022 Rhodes Scholar. This honor comes as a shock to no one in Warren’s community, as he is described as one of the most highly involved and passionately driven students on campus. Warren is not only a member of Tau Beta Pi and a Rhodes Scholar, but he is the president of the Associated Student Government at the University of Arkansas, a recent Truman Scholar, and a finalist for the Marshall Scholarship.

He is an outstanding light in his community and is overjoyed to have received this Rhodes Scholarship; he will use this new opportunity to study at The University of Oxford and better understand how to address problems like poverty and food insecurity.

Food insecurity is an issue that Warren has prioritized in his college career. When he was just a junior he started his own company, Simple + Sweet Creamery. He used his love and knowledge about quality ice cream to create a business that functions as an economic engine for the Northwest Arkansas Food Bank. This company started as an online ice cream store in 2020 and evolved to include a food truck. 100% of the profits from Simple + Sweet go to the food bank and each $1 in profits funds eight meals provided by the food bank. As of November of 2021, Simple + Sweet had donated over 16,000 meals.

Warren wants to take this opportunity with the Rhodes Scholarship and “return home to put all [he has] learned into practice as we work to address the challenges that face our state and country.” Warren hopes to run for political office someday and continue his work in finding functional, economically stimulating solutions to food insecurity problems.

Warren puts into practice the issues that are put on his heart and it is easy to see the way his passion influences his success. The Association would like to wish the best of luck to him in his new endeavors at Oxford. The way that Coleman Warren cares for others with tangible and actionable follow through inspires us for the future.

To find a longer version of this story and read more about Coleman Warren click here.

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