Pi Day Celebrations

Happy (belated) Pi Day! We’re sad to see it go, but it looks like Tau Bates everywhere had a blast celebrating! We wanted to share some of the events that were held! 

At Headquarters, we celebrated early on the week before spring break and helped the Tennessee Alpha Chapter at the University of Tennessee sell slices of pie and the opportunity to pie their professors in the face! It was an absolutely beautiful day to mark 3.14.22! Over $300 was raised for the Ronald McDonald House. 

The Massachusetts Theta Chapter at the University of Massachusetts Lowell hosted an event where they threw pies in the face of their fellow members as well as their professors! They caught some really great videos of it on their Instagram, which is worth checking out.

Over in California, the California Xi Chapter at San Diego State University celebrated by playing giant Jenga, breaking apart a piñata, and playing table tennis! 

The Oklahoma Alpha Chapter at the University of Oklahoma shared some delicious-looking pie with their classmates and the Alabama Delta Chapter at the University of Alabama in Huntsville co-hosted a Pi Day event with SWE, WOAA, and their Math Club! 

Even the TBP alumni chapters celebrated Pi Day! The Pittsburgh Alumni Chapter celebrated by going out for pizza with Tau Bates and their families while the Great Smoky Mountains Alumni Chapter took a tour of the University of Tennessee’s new Zeanah Engineering Complex and shared some delicious pizza and pie later in the day at TBP Headquarters!

It’s so nice to see chapters out and about again, being able to host events like they were pre-COVID. We hope next year, there are even MORE celebrations and fun activities happening across the Association! If you want to see even more videos and see a full list of events, visit our Pi Day page!

See you next Pi Day! 

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