A Piece of the Moon, MS Alpha’s New Record, and Academic All-America Men’s Swimming

Fifty-one years ago, John W. Young, GA A ’52, walked and drove on the moon as the commander of the Apollo 16 mission. He and his crew returned to Earth with 209 pounds of lunar samples, with one of them now being on display at Georgia Tech’s Price Gilbert Library, thanks to his family. Young was the only astronaut to fly in all three of NASA’s Gemini, Apollo, and Space Shuttle programs and is the only alumnus from Georgia Tech to walk on the moon.

Having a piece of the moon on display is an inspiration to Georgia Tech students who aim to follow in Young’s footsteps. A large majority of the samples from the Apollo missions are kept in a nitrogen-purged box at NASA Johnson Space Center, which makes having a sample at a university even more significant. Young passed away in 2018, but his influence is still strong at Georgia Tech!

For more information on the sample displayed at Georgia Tech, click here.

The Mississippi Alpha chapter of Tau Beta Pi at Mississippi State University recently inducted 49 new members, a record number for the chapter! The Association is excited to welcome them and all newly initiated members to TBP!

Chapter advisor and assistant professor of mechanical engineering in MSU’s Bagley College of Engineering, Matthew W. Priddy, Ph.D., MS A ’08, stated, “The current TBP student leadership has done a remarkable job of increasing the chapter’s impact on its members and the Bagley College of Engineering community. That is evidenced by the record-setting number of initiates we had this semester.”

We hope to see many more record-breaking initiation numbers in the future!

Read more about the MS A Chapter and the names of the students who joined here.

Tau Bates are talented individuals! Several members have previously been named to the Academic All-America Team, and today, we are pleased to announce that James Kyle, PA G ’22, has been named to the inaugural men’s swimming and diving team. His accomplishments as an athlete have earned him three top-eight finishes and All-America trophies.

James is currently a graduate student at Carnegie Mellon University and the secretary of the Pennsylvania Gamma chapter. He earned his BS in Mechanical Engineering in 2022 and has earned several honors throughout his undergrad and graduate career. Among his awards are winning “Outstanding Locomotion Paper” at the International Conference on Robotics and Automation 2022, and twice receiving accolades for the most innovative project for Electromechanical Systems Design.

To read more about James, visit Carnegie Mellon’s website.

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