TBP Scholarships, Tau Beta Pi Day Video, Alumni Events (March 2017)

A reminder that the deadline to apply for a Tau Beta Pi Scholarship is 11:59 p.m. on Saturday, April 1, 2017. Visit the Scholarship web page for an info sheet and FAQs.


The Association has received many great images and reports from this year’s Tau Beta Pi Day activities.
The first compilation video has been completed. A second compilation video is scheduled for release in early April.


There are several alumni gatherings of Tau Beta Pi members scheduled to take place in March & April. You can find the calendar with a list of all events here. A reminder that these events are open to all Tau Bate (alumni and student) from any chapter, unless otherwise stated. Find details below on upcoming events. Click here for a list of contacts for all 41 active TBP Alumni Chapters.

Urbana, Illinois – Sunday, March 26 (baseball game)
Birmingham, Alabama – Saturday, April 8 (networking lunch)
Morgantown, West Virginia – Saturday, April 8 (District Conference)
Freehold, New Jersey – Wednesday, April 19 (alumni chapter installation)
New Orleans, Louisiana – Friday, April 21 (4th annual crawfish boil)


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