Clemson Honors, Design Project, & Roller Coaster Competition

At a recent ceremony, several of the “best and brightest” students in the College of Engineering, Computing and Applied Sciences at Clemson University were honored. Several are Tau Beta Pi members, including: (Click here to see the full list of awards.)

Ben H. Shumpert (SC A 2016) – Moorman Award (computer engineering)
Joey R. Wilson III (SC A 2016) – Davis Leadership Award (bioengineering)
Aaron S. Gordon (SC A 2016) – Earle Award (civil engineering)
Amanda D. Farthing (SC A 2017) – Outstanding Undergraduate Researcher Award (industrial engineering)
Hannah McNulty (SC A 2017) – TBP Scholarship for SC Alpha (environmental engineering and Earth sciences)


Tyler E. Gester, AL B 2017, is a member of a team of University of Alabama engineering students that adapted a toy car for a young boy with femur-fibula-ulna syndrome. The activity was part of their senior design project and allowed the boy to be mobile and independent.

This week, the team brought the car to the young boy’s school for his first ride. Read the article from the Tuscaloosa News for more information on the re-configured controls that allow the car to be driven with a joystick and buttons instead of a pedals and a steering wheel.


On Thursday, April 13, the Iowa Alpha Chapter of Tau Beta Pi hosted the 17th Annual Tau Beta Pi Roller Coaster Engineering Competition. This year’s Rube-Goldberg Challenge was “to score a goal.” Four of the six awards went to Urbandale High School Physics Teams.

Watch videos of the winning teams in a news article from the Urbandale Community School District.


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