Kara Combs Wins Tau Beta Pi Collegiate Award “Trifecta”

Pictured: Kara Combs with her Laureate Award

When the 2021 Tau Beta Pi Laureates were announced this year, Kara Combs was one of four students honored. The Laureate Program recognizes Tau Bates who exemplify the spirit of liberal culture in engineering colleges.

   Combs has won the “Trifecta” of Tau Beta Pi collegiate awards including: Laureate (2021), Fellowship for advanced study (2021), and Tau Beta Pi Scholarship for academic excellence (2019).

    In 2018, Combs was initiated into the OH Mu Chapter at Wright State University. She contributed to her local community and led other academic organizations with a positive attitude. Within TBΠ, she has served as chapter secretary, chapter president, currently serves as a chapter advisor, and member of the Tau Beta Pi Student Advisory Board. Outside of Tau Beta Pi, she has been an active member in the Institute of Industrial and Systems Engineers (IISE), Wright State’s Dean’s Student Advisory Board, and coached a middle school academic challenge team that placed top ten in the Ohio State Championships three years in a row.

    Dr. Travis Doom, Dean of Wright State’s College of Engineering and Computer Science, described Combs as “Everything you would hope for in a student.” Combs graduated this past May with a bachelor’s degree in industrial systems engineering and a minor in supply chain, and is currently pursuing her Master’s in industrial and human factors engineering. 

   Students like Kara Combs are the reason Tau Beta Pi continues to uplift and support bright engineers with enthusiasm and fervent motivation. Combs is the blueprint of a truly exceptional Tau Bate.

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