ASEE Fellows, ACerS Distinguished, & Teaching Award (June 2016)

The 2016 American Society for Engineering Education (ASEE) class of Fellows has been announced. The 11 engineering and engineering technology educators will be honored June 27-28 at the ASEE annual conference in New Orleans, LA. “The Fellow designation is one of unusual professional distinction and conferred by the Board of Directors upon an ASEE member with outstanding and extraordinary qualifications, significant experience in engineering or engineering technology education or allied field, and contributions to ASEE.” Click here for the full list of ASEE 2016 Fellows. Six of this year’s Fellows are Tau Bates, they are:

1. Wayne T. Davis, Ph.D. – (TN A ‘73) University of Tennessee College of Engineering Dean
2. John K. Estell, Ph.D. – (OH Z ‘84) Ohio Northern University professor of computer engineering & computer science
3. Ronald E. Land – (GA A ’71) Penn State University, New Kensington professor, co-director, & assistant golf coach
4. Michael J. Prince, Ph.D. – (MA A ’84) Bucknell University professor of chemical engineering
5. Donna S. Reese, Ph.D. – (MS A ‘79) Mississippi State University professor & department head of computer science & engineering
6. Catherine A. Skokan, Ph.D. – (CO A ‘70) Colorado School of Mines associate professor of engineering


James E. Houseman, Ph.D. (OH G ’68), has been selected as a Distinguished Life Member of The American Ceramic Society (ACerS). This award is bestowed on “members of the Society of professional eminence who, because of their achievements in the ceramic arts or sciences, or their service to the Society, are elected to such membership by the Board of Directors.”

Dr. Houseman is currently CEO & Chairman of Harrop Industries, Inc., a kiln manufacturer. Click here to read his full award biography with information on his involvement in ACerS and his education, which includes a Ph.D. in ceramic engineering from The Ohio State University.


The 2016 National Outstanding Teaching Award will be presented to Mary C. Verstraete, Ph.D. (OH K ’82), by the American Society for Engineering Education (ASEE). Dr. Verstraete is an associate professor and associate chair of biomedical engineering at the University of Akron. She also serves as an advisor to the OH Kappa Chapter of Tau Beta Pi (since 2005).

This award provides national recognition to an engineering or engineering technology educator for excellence in outstanding classroom performance, contributions to the scholarship of teaching, and participation in ASEE Section meetings and local activities. Read the press release for more information.


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