TBP Chapter Projects & Alumni Reception (October 2016)

The Tennessee Alpha Chapter of Tau Beta Pi at the University of Tennessee (UT) hosted the 104th UT Engineers Day on Thursday, October 24. More than 1,500 high school students were on hand “to learn about engineering fields and what they can do in the profession.” TN Alpha president, John A. Dooley (TN A 2017), spoke about promoting UT’s engineering program to prospective students.

“I had only heard of engineering in the context of Thomas the Tank Engine. I thought engineers wore striped hats and pulled whistles on trains, Dooley said. “But it didn’t take long for me to learn that engineers create everything from medicines and cellphone microprocessors to sewer systems and 3D printed organs.” Read the news article for more information on this event that included hands-on activities such as egg-drop and pneumatic machine competitions.


On Sunday, October 23, the Research Triangle Alumni Chapter of Tau Beta Pi hosted a reception at the Tribeca Tavern in Cary, North Carolina. The event served as an opportunity for networking, to meet the alumni chapter officers, and to learn about plans for upcoming activities.


Approximately 18 Tau Beta Pi members, and 7 guests, attended the brunch event that took place on the upstairs patio. The image above was taken at the event by TBP Director of Alumni Affairs, Tricia E. Gomulinski (SD A ’98).


From October 30 thru November 26, the Michigan Gamma Chapter of Tau Beta Pi is hosting a blood drive in collaboration with Blood Battle UofM. According to the announcement, all presenting donors will receive a commemorative t-shirt, money-saving coupons, and a chance to win great prizes. For more information, visit the Blood Battle at Michigan Facebook page.


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