Ohio Univ. Endowed Gift, Alumni Events, & UMD Chapter Activities (Sept. 2018)

Ohio University shared the news of a charitable gift from Dean Emeritus T. Richard “Dick” Robe, Ph.D., P.E. (OH D ’55), in support of the Ohio Delta Chapter of Tau Beta Pi. “I’ve been a strong supporter because of Tau Beta Pi’s important role in engineering education, and since my role at the beginning of Ohio Delta in 1954 when I was the chapter’s second president,” he said.

Ohio Delta

Read the article for more information on the gift, the chapter which plans to co-host the 2019 TBP Convention, and the TBP Chapter Endowment Initiative.


Check out the upcoming alumni gatherings of Tau Beta Pi members for September and at Convention in October. You can find the calendar with a list of all events here. A reminder that these events are open to all Tau Bates (alumni and student) from any chapter, unless otherwise stated. Find details below on upcoming events. Click here for a list of contacts for all 44 active TBP Alumni Chapters.

Dallas, Texas – TBA in September/October (picnic social)
Walker, Michigan – Monday, September 24 (networking social)
Tampa, Florida – Friday, September 28 (happy hour social)
San Luis Obispo, California – Saturday September 29 (alumni panel)
Englewood, Colorado – Tuesday, October 9 (networking social)


Visit the Facebook page of the University of Maryland, Maryland Beta Chapter, for images from their recent new candidates meeting. Also, checkout the chapter’s website for more details on the chapter and their planned activities during the 2018 spring semester.

On September 27, the chapter is hosting a service event to “help cultivate our living campus.” Volunteer tasks include weeding, planting, pruning, and mulching. For more details, see the event page.


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