Lawrence Tech Event, IBM Director Profile, & New Deans (Feb. 2019)

The Michigan Eta Chapter at Lawrence Technological University hosted “Tau Bates Tuesday” in conjunction with National Engineers Week on campus. The hands-on event provided a variety of engineering challenges and an opportunity to learn more about the student organization and national Association (TBP). The chapter posted several images to their Facebook page, including those below.


El País, a Spanish-language newspaper in Spain, profiled Darío Gil, Ph.D. (NJ A ’98), and the technology behind the world’s first quantum computer. Dr. Gil has worked at IBM for more than a decade and was recently named the director of IBM Research. In this role, he has 3,000 scientists working for him. His undergraduate engineering degree is from Stevens Institute of Technology and his graduate degree from MIT.

According to the article, quantum computing “is one of IBM’s biggest bets for the future.” Gil is in charge of IBM Research’s Artificial Intelligence and Quantum Computing division since 2017. Just this year, the company presented its Q Systems One, the first commercial quantum computer.


Both MIT and the University of Kansas (KU) have announced new leaders at their institutions. At KU, Arvin Agah, Ph.D., has been welcomed as the new Dean of Engineering after spending six months as interim Dean. Dr. Agah helped secure funding to establish the Craig & Diane Martin National Center for Construction Safety, which will focus on improving safety outcomes and productivity in the construction industry.

At MIT, Dan Huttenlocher, Ph.D., has been named the inaugural dean of the MIT Stephen A. Schwarzman College of Computing. Dr. Huttenlocher has served as the founding dean of Cornell Tech since 2012 and has been on the Cornell faculty since 1988. Read the news announcement for more details.


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