Tau Bate Startup Purchased, GNAC Woman of the Year, & White House Speaker (August 2019)

Ford Motor Company has announced that it has purchased Quantum Signal, a company behind computer generated environments used by militaries to test unmanned remote and autonomous systems. Mitchell M. Rohde, Ph.D. (MI G ’94), is CEO of Quantum and co-founded the Saline, Michigan, company in 1999. His degrees are in biomedical and electrical engineering from the University of Michigan.

Mitchell’s father Steve M. Rohde, Ph.D. (NJ G ’67), is director of vehicle platforms and engineering (emeritus). His bachelor’s degree is in electrical engineering from the New Jersey Institute of Technology. Previously, Steve worked for 32 years at GM on engine design, controls in vehicles, and much more. Read this article from TechCrunch for more details on what Quantum does and why Ford purchased the company.


The Great Northeast Athletic Conference (GNAC) named Emily H. Oliver, VT B 2019, Woman of the Year. She is the first student-athlete in Norwich University history to receive the honor.

Oliver is a mechanical engineering graduate and was a three-sport standout and captain for the Cadets (volleyball, basketball and softball). According to the announcement, she will start medical school at the University of Vermont this fall with the support of a U.S. Navy scholarship.


Audra J. Thurston, MI B ’18, is a process engineer at Calumet Electronics Corp. She recently visited the White House and spoke about the Pledge to America’s Workers “an initiative that encourages companies to invest in workers through education and training.” She spoke as part of the pledge’s first anniversary celebration.

Thurston earned a degree in chemical engineering from Michigan Technological University. She is also involved with Calumet’s internship program. Click here for a university profile.


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